Working in a warehouse in Houston

I have been asked to do something that I don’t normally do. I don’t normally do things you ask me when It’s about stuff I don’t normally do. This time however, I will make an exception.

Several of you have asked me to share my experience working in a warehouse in Houston. The reason why this even came up was that I mentioned this two months back. It was mentioned in a completely different context, I should say. I just counted the different places I’ve been working in before reaching my current position. Apparently, warehouse in Houston was the experience that caught your attention. I’m not complaining. It will actually be quite fun to go back to this period in my life. It was 15 years since I was at the warehouse in Houston.

So, let’s see. How do I tell you about the warehouse in Houston so that it will be interesting for you to read? Maybe I should just go for it and see where we land. That’s probably the best idea.

I’m born and raised in Houston, and my family home is just three blocks from the warehouse. To be honest, before I started working there I had never really thought about it. It was just a building like any other. My feelings towards the warehouse in Houston were neither positive nor negative. The building was just there, and it had been there forever, from my perspective. I quit high school and I was determined to not do collage right away. Everyone else did, that’s why I didn’t want to. I wanted a regular job. I wanted to know what working was about. At the local store, I saw a note that said that the warehouse in Houston was looking for people. I didn’t take one number, I took the whole note to reduce the risk of being outsmarted by someone. It might have worked.

I got the job at the warehouse in Houston. I worked there for about 5-6 months until my boss told me I had potential. I did not know that before, but I was happy to hear that. I would still stay at the warehouse in Houston afterwards. Onwards, however, I would be responsible for a certain part of the production. This job fit me perfectly. It could not have been better and I have my boss, at the warehouse in Houston, to thank for a lot. This taught me what I wanted to do in life. What I eventually did do.